Radiation diagnosis, oncology and radiotherapy centers

Medico-Innovation Technologies

According to WHO statistics, cancer is now the cause of nearly one in six deaths worldwide. One problem is that many cases of cancer are diagnosed too late. Late diagnosis of cancer and failure to provide treatment condemns many people to unnecessary suffering and early death. Ensuring access to effective diagnostic services, such as imaging, laboratory testing and histological examinations.

Medical Innovative Technologies offers comprehensive and innovative solutions in the field of radiotherapy and diagnosis of oncological diseases.

Our company has been implementing turnkey projects for more than 15 years, from primary care and clinical diagnostic centres to large multidisciplinary and specialised oncology centres.

We offer services for all levels of oncology care to the population of Kazakhstan, implementing standard and unique innovative technological solutions.

Implementation of projects for centres:

  • Radiation diagnostics;

  • Radiation therapy and nuclear medicine;

  • MRI-guided focused ultrasound therapy (MRI FUS);

  • Multidisciplinary and specialised hospitals for cancer patients with operating theatres of different specialisation, hybrid operating theatres, robotic surgery operating theatres, etc;

  • Rehabilitation of cancer patients;

Our services

  • Medical and process equipment audits, followed by recommendations;

  • Analysis of projects to re-equip, renovate or create new medical facilities;

  • Medico-technological design, taking into account existing infrastructure and medical logistics and optimising them in accordance with current national and international requirements;

  • Creation of clean room complex in hospitals for immunocompromised cancer patients;

  • Equipping with equipment from leading world manufacturers and supply of consumables for them;

  • Organization of training of specialists in the implementation of new technologies;

  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance.


Equipment for radiology, oncology and radiotherapy centres

  • X-ray machines, mammographs;

  • CT and MRI machines;

  • E.T. scanners and SPECT;

  • Ultrasound and endoscopy machines;

  • Linear accelerators;

  • MRI monitored FUS system;

  • Patient positioning equipment;

  • CT-MRI injectors for administering contrast agents;

  • Dosimetry Equipment;

  • and other equipment for anaesthesiology, intensive care, surgery, laboratory, etc.



Examples of project implementation

"East Kazakhstan Regional Multidisciplinary Center of Oncology and Surgery" of the Health Department of the East Kazakhstan Region (Ust-Kamenogorsk)
"Pavlodar Regional Oncological Dispensary" of the Healthcare Institution of Pavlodar Region, Akimat of Pavlodar Region (Pavlodar)
"Zhambyl Regional Multidisciplinary Center of Oncology and Surgery" of the Health Department of the Akimat of Zhambyl Region (Taraz)
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